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Rippa Hosting, once growing organically in a market swamped by commodity services, underwent a transformation that accelerated their growth and solidified their identity as a premium web hosting service. Through a carefully crafted commercial and strategic messaging, we at Mediable were able to communicate their unique value proposition effectively, resulting in a marketing campaign that was three times more effective than average.

In a marketplace driven by price wars, Rippa Hosting managed to shift customer perception from price-focused to value-oriented, attracting clients who seek more than a commodity service. The company's success story is a testament to the power of well-crafted video marketing and its ability to revolutionize a brand's presence in the market.


In a marketplace inundated with commodity services, Rippa Hosting faced the challenge of differentiating their premium web hosting services and communicating their unique value proposition to potential clients. The common practice of price comparison often overshadowed their superior offerings. To break away from this price-focused narrative and appeal to clients looking for premium, high-value services, they realized the need for a professional marketing approach that went beyond traditional SEO and Google Ads.


With Mediable's help, Rippa Hosting not only surpassed their marketing challenges but also redefined their position in the market. The engaging and informative commercial we created served as a powerful tool to communicate Rippa Hosting's premium service and unique value proposition. The high watch-through rate of the commercial resulted in a marketing campaign that was three times more effective than the industry average. By shifting the customer focus from price to value, Rippa Hosting successfully attracted the clientele who appreciate and seek their premium services, demonstrating the transformative power of strategic video marketing.


  1. Rippa Hosting moved from organic growth to an accelerated expansion driven by strategic video marketing.
  2. The brand managed to redefine its position in the marketplace from being a commodity service to a premium web hosting provider.
  3. The commercial created was not only engaging but also informatively distinct, setting Rippa Hosting apart from its competitors.
  4. The audience's high watch-through rate resulted in a cost-effective marketing campaign on YouTube.
  5. Rippa Hosting's unique value proposition was effectively communicated to a broader audience.
  6. The client was able to attract and retain a customer base that appreciates and seeks premium hosting services.
  7. The branding and messaging strategy provided clarity and direction for Rippa Hosting's overall marketing efforts.
  8. There was a significant shift in customer perception from price-focused to value-oriented.
  9. Rippa Hosting's identity as a premium service provider was solidified in the market.
  10. The successful commercial led to the potential for further collaborations and marketing campaigns.

Case Study In Detail


At the heart of our recent engagement was a unique company with a distinct vision: Rippa Hosting, a premium web hosting service. Known for their uncompromising commitment to excellence, Rippa Hosting was not just another player in a crowded marketplace. They offered their customers a quality experience, unparalleled support, and tailored services that transcended the typical, impersonal interactions of commodity web hosting. Their clients ranged from tech-savvy entrepreneurs to established enterprises, all seeking a higher level of web hosting service and finding their answer in Rippa Hosting.

However, the world of web hosting is saturated and often dictated by price wars. Too often, potential clients would bypass Rippa Hosting in favor of cheaper, less robust options. In a market that was blind to the art of their craft, Rippa Hosting needed a way to communicate their unique value proposition, to show potential customers what set them apart from the rest. Their current normal was organic growth driven by word of mouth, but they were eager to accelerate and scale up this process.

Compelling Event

Rippa Hosting's aim was simple yet bold: to challenge the commodity narrative and cement their position as a premium web hosting service. Their strategy hinged on reaching out to those who didn't just seek a web hosting service, but a premium, supportive, and tailored experience. They needed a marketing strategy as innovative and engaging as they were, a strategy that went beyond traditional SEO and Google Ads. That's when Rippa Hosting turned to us at Mediable. They knew they needed more than just another video agency, they needed storytellers, strategists, and brand sculptors.

The Process

Our approach began with understanding - not just of Rippa Hosting's services, but of their vision, their values, and their clientele. We held extensive creative workshops to brainstorm and distil the perfect messaging that would resonate with their target market. Our team worked closely with Rippa Hosting, developing brand guidelines and mapping out a messaging strategy that captured the essence of their premium offerings.

A memorable moment in the process was when Avon, the owner of Rippa Hosting, likened our filming day's clarity and structure to a military mission briefing. It was in these moments of levity and mutual respect that we found a common language, a mutual passion, and a clear vision for the project.

The Outcome

The culmination of our work was a commercial that was as entertaining as it was informative, a marketing asset that mirrored Rippa Hosting's innovative and premium service. It wasn't just another promotional video; it was a visual narrative that delved into the experiential benefits of choosing Rippa Hosting over a commodity web hosting service. It spoke to the hearts and minds of potential clients, subtly shifting their perceptions from price to value, from commodity to premium.

From the scripting to the final cut, every frame, every word, every scene was meticulously crafted to reflect Rippa Hosting's essence. And in the end, we delivered a commercial that didn't just sell a service, it sold an experience, a relationship, a premium way of doing things.

The Impact

The impact of our work was immediate and profound. The engaging nature of the commercial led to a high audience watch through rate, making Rippa Hosting's marketing campaign three times more

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