From 32 to 166 subscribers in a week (our personal YouTube channel growth)


Reimagining the possibilities of YouTube success, we at Mediable have engineered an innovative approach that skyrocketed our subscriber count from a mere 32 to an impressive 166 within an astounding 11 days. This rate of growth, 20 times swifter than the usual progression of new channels and is a testament to our groundbreaking strategies. The cherry on top? These phenomenal results were spurred by a single video, which continues to amass over 5000 views weekly, consistently, organically, costing us $0 in outreach.

This video is not just a viewer magnet, but a lead generator and a pillar of our brand reputation, proving that Mediable truly understands YouTube reach strategy.


Growing a YouTube channel is a daunting task. The average channel takes a staggering 22 weeks to reach 100 subscribers. The real test is not just attracting viewers, but building a magnetic brand that truly resonates with the audience.


Despite starter growth challenges, we defied the odds: in just 11 days, we skyrocketed from a mere 32 to a staggering 166 subscribers, highlighting the effectiveness and speed of our growth strategies.

Or in other words - achieved growth at 20x the normal speed of a new channel.


- A surge from 32 to 166 subscribers in just 11 days.

- Consistently attracting over 5000 views per week.

- Achieved global ranking on YouTube Recommended.

- Established a strong brand reputation and increased our client inquiries significantly

Case Study In Detail


This case study features none other than yours truly - Mediable. We're a trusted authority in the realm of editing and thumbnail services for YouTube. Even though we have a knack for crafting immersive video content for a plethora of clients across a wide spectrum of industries, we found ourselves in a paradoxical situation. Similar to an acclaimed dentist without nice teeth, we were a Youtube service provider with only 32 subscribers.

Compelling Event

The compelling event was a technology shake-up that threatened to disrupt our industry. A.I. was fast becoming the new norm, rendering many service-based businesses obsolete. Recently announced A.I. tools possessed capabilities to replace simple video agencies, a development that struck at the heart of our business model. We were staring at a clock, ticking down the 18 months we had before our industry was potentially overrun by these technological entities and cheaper services. Our survival hinged on our ability to differentiate ourselves and prove our value beyond what A.I. could offer.

We needed to build a strong brand presence, and YouTube was our choice of vehicle to achieve that.

The Process

Our strategic process was grounded in realism. We didn't rely on guesswork but instead started with an intensive competitive analysis. We looked at other YouTube channels in our niche, understanding what worked for them, their strategies, content, and level of engagement. We took this data and used it to identify gaps in the market we could fill and potential opportunities we could seize.

Next, we assessed the quality and content style that resonated most with our target audience. We dove deep into the metrics, examining not just views, but also the engagement rates of competitor content to understand our competition better. We used this to inform our content strategy, tailoring it for maximum impact.

Once we had a firm grasp of the competition and audience expectations, we innovated. We started by emulating successful strategies but quickly moved into refining our unique style and camera personality. This balance of emulation and innovation helped us create content that was both familiar and distinct, setting us apart from the competition.

Progress So Far

We passed the 100 subscriber mark in record time (6 days in fact).

Our YouTube channel growth is an ongoing journey, and a thrilling one at that. Our target? To hit the 10,000 subscribers mark in 12 months. While this is an ambitious goal considering some channels take years to get there, we've made promising progress. As of June 28th, our subscriber count stands at 289, up from a mere 32. The catalyst? Our first 17-minute video which continues to draw over 5000 views weekly. We're not at the finish line yet, but we're closing the gap faster than most. To see our progress and join our community, check out our YouTube channel

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