From Traditional to Digital: Madd Loans' Success Story


<span class="text-span-green">Madd Loans,</span> a prominent mortgage brokering company in Australia, realized the need to broaden its reach beyond traditional marketing methodologies and existing customer base. By embracing the power of digital platforms, specifically YouTube, Madd Loans saw a dramatic shift in their brand visibility and audience engagement. This was achieved through strategic planning, innovative content creation, and a keen understanding of their target audience.

Overcoming the challenge of unintentional international viewership, Madd Loans was successful in directing their YouTube content to the desired Australian audience. They cultivated an active community beyond their customers and cemented their reputation as industry experts. Madd Loans has successfully navigated the transition to digital marketing, setting the stage for sustained growth and success in the competitive mortgage industry.


Madd Loans faced the mounting challenge of a burgeoning industry and the rise of competitors who were leveraging digital platforms for their advantage. They realized that their traditional marketing strategies were insufficient to keep up with the growth, and their digital presence was not reaching the desired audience. The competition was fierce and in-depth knowledge was a must to win on platforms like YouTube. It was clear that they needed a professional partner to guide their transition into digital video marketing.


With Mediable's strategic guidance, Madd Loans embarked on a transformative journey, harnessing the power of YouTube for their business growth. Our strategic planning and innovative content creation allowed Madd Loans to engage with a broader audience, mainly targeting Australians seeking home loan advice. They successfully navigated the challenges of digital marketing, reaching an impressive 11,000 views per month and growing their subscriber base exponentially. Today, Madd Loans stands as a testament to the power of digital transformation, marking their place as industry experts and fostering a vibrant community beyond their customer base.


1 - Madd Loans successfully transitioned from traditional marketing strategies to a dynamic digital presence, significantly increasing their brand visibility.

2 - Their YouTube channel experienced an exponential rise in subscribers, <span class="text-span-green">from 97 to 892 subscribers in just eight months.</span>

3 - The channel's <span class="text-span-green">views soared to over 11,000 per month,</span> reaching a broader audience than ever before.

4 - With Mediable's strategic planning, Madd Loans reached their intended audience - Australians seeking home loan advice.

5 - Their YouTube content transformed from being viewed only by their email list to reaching thousands of potential clients.

6 - Madd Loans fostered an active community beyond their customers through their engaging video content.

7 - The firm positioned itself as an industry expert in the eyes of potential clients, building trust and credibility.

8 - Madd Loans tackled the challenge of international viewership, successfully directing YouTube's algorithm towards the Australian market.

9 - The firm laid a robust foundation for future growth in the increasingly competitive mortgage industry.

Here is an 1 of the 52 videos we created for Madd Loans

Case Study In Detail


Madd Loans, a burgeoning mortgage brokering firm based out of Australia, is renowned for its exceptional customer service and professional integrity. Employing a 20-strong team, Madd Loans is dedicated to delivering unparalleled mortgage solutions to homebuyers and property investors alike.

Their clientele mainly consists of Australians seeking expert advice and support to secure home loans. In the highly competitive mortgage industry, potential clients are inundated with countless broker options, and standing out is no easy feat. Madd Loans had always relied on traditional marketing techniques, but they quickly recognized the untapped potential of digital platforms for expanding their brand presence beyond their existing customer base and into the wider Brisbane community.

Compelling Event:

As Madd Loans witnessed the mortgage brokering industry flourish, they realized that their competition was not only growing but also diversifying their marketing strategies. They saw competitors developing YouTube channels, creating dynamic communities, and securing substantial business before other brokers could even enter the race. This was the pivotal moment for Madd Loans – the proverbial last straw. They were motivated to step out of their comfort zone, embrace innovative marketing solutions, and secure their place in the digital space.

The Process:

At Mediable, our approach to helping Madd Loans make the digital leap was a three-pronged process:

1 - Competitor Analysis and Branding: To better understand the video content that resonates with Madd Loans' target audience, we conducted a thorough competitor analysis and YouTube landscape mapping, including local and international niches. Collaborating with Madd Loans' internal marketing team, we designed a distinctive YouTube channel that would stand out in the highly competitive mortgage industry.

We hold a webinar every 2 months going over this strategy, you can find the next one here

2 - Emulate, Then Innovate: We commenced by replicating the strategies used by industry leaders, allowing us to identify what worked best. Gradually, we began to innovate, refining our approach and discovering a unique style to attract organic reach. Our ultimate goal was to create Madd Loans' distinctive style of YouTube content that resonates with the audience.

3 - SOP Development: We transitioned from a time-consuming experimental approach to a more efficient, standardised operation procedure. This allowed the channel to grow exponentially while ensuring a high return on investment.

An Unexpected Challenge:

Early in the process, we faced an unexpected challenge - only 2% of our viewers where Australian, dramatically diluting our efforts. We wanted to high views but needed them to be Australian, this led us to strategise a new approach, we focused on Australian bank product reviews to educate YouTube's algorithm on our preferred audience. This strategy hit the bullseye, generating consistent views and reaching the intended Australian audience (96%).

Here is an example video that trained YouTube to target Madd Loans intended audience. Australians.

The Outcome:

Our strategic approach to YouTube marketing significantly bolstered Madd Loans' brand awareness and online presence. Over eight months, we helped grow their subscriber count from 97 to 892, accruing over 11,000 views per month. This surge in visibility enabled Madd Loans to engage with a wider audience and fortify their position as industry experts.

Importantly, we ensured that this increased exposure was primarily from potential Australian customers, enhancing the likelihood of conversion. Madd Loans' investment in YouTube marketing did not just augment their brand reputation, but also set the stage for continued growth in an ever-competitive market.

The Impact:

Today, Madd Loans boasts a robust library of video content that aids in building a community beyond their customer base.

This has had a profound impact on their business - the expertise and approachability showcased in their videos have created powerful first impressions, building trust and credibility. The YouTube channel that once garnered views only from their email list now attracts thousands of Australian viewers, creating an active community beyond their customers. Madd Loans has successfully transformed its marketing approach, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the mortgage brokering industry.

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