30 second facebook commercial


In this project, Mediable had the responsibility of creating a 30-second commercial for ChronoKit, a renowned plugin from Earthtide Studios. Our role involved translating the audio and dialogue provided by the client into an animated, visually appealing, and highly effective commercial. We were charged with the tasks of concept development, animation creation, and design, all carried out in close collaboration with the Earthtide team. The goal was to craft a visual narrative that would not only encapsulate the essence of the ChronoKit plugin but also spark viewer interest and engagement.


Earthtide Studios approached Mediable with the objective of developing a video that could serve as a potent tool for both increasing website conversions and as a lead generation magnet on social media platforms. They were in search of a creative solution that could succinctly convey the functionality and benefits of the ChronoKit plugin, while still being engaging enough to attract and retain viewer attention. The overarching mission was to create a piece of content that would stir curiosity, resonate with potential customers, and drive them towards conversion or further exploration.


Mediable rose to the challenge by producing a fast-paced, dynamic 30-second video that embodied the energy and functionality of the ChronoKit plugin. Through carefully crafted animation and design, we managed to give prospective customers a tangible sense of what it would be like to utilize the plugin - all before they spent a single dollar. Our creative approach allowed us to bring ChronoKit to life, manifesting its benefits and features visually, thus capturing viewer interest and encouraging the desired actions. As a result, Earthtide Studios gained a powerful asset that bolstered their conversion rates and significantly increased their lead generation efforts on social media.


Chronokit - 30 second commercial

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